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10 Reasons Why Your Pets Are More Fun To Hang Out With Than Humans

Have you ever been invited to an event and dreaded the thought of attending? You don't want to make small talk with people and have to spend the evening smiling and laughing at people's jokes.

These kind of thoughts probably mean you are a pet lover!

You are one of us!!

Someone who loves hanging out with pets more than humans.

But why are pets sometimes more fun than humans?

10 Reasons Why Your Pets Are More Fun To Hang Out With Than Humans

1. They don't talk! Sometimes I wish my pets could talk to me - but generally I enjoy the silence of not being asked a million questions while hanging out with them. 

2. They let you choose what's on TV. They don't complain about your choices - they love EVERYTHING you want to watch.

3. They are happy to see you all the time. Your pets don't get upset and annoyed with you - they love you not matter what.

4. They keep you warm when it's cold - but don't take up too much space (most of the time!) on the couch.

5. They are soooo appreciative of everything you do for them. Food, water, treats, walks - they love it all.


6. They are happy to stay home with you - in fact they love it when you don't go out and you stay home on the couch in your PJ's

7. Cuddles are welcomed with open paws. 

8. They don't have an opinion on what you do or say. If they could talk obviously they would think you were right all the time though!

9. If you forget a birthday or anniversary (which you never would!) they don't complain. They are just happy to spend another day with you.

10. Unconditional love is the name of the game. There is no question they love you more than anything.

Do you agree? Are pets more fun to hang out with than humans?