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Are You The Best Dog Owner? You Are If You Say These Things To Your Dog [Take Our Test]


Are you the best dog owner ever? Does your dog love you more than any other dog loves their owner?

A dog owner that talks to their dog is surely the best dog owner ever! They are really letting their dog know they love them more than anything.

Take our test and see how you score when it comes to talking to your dog.

How Many Of These Things Do You Say To Your Dog?

(Count how many of these you say to your dog and we will tell you what your score means at the end)

  1. I love you
  2. You're the best
  3. What's wrong/You OK?
  4. Come and give mom/dad a cuddle
  5. Ahh you're so cute
  6. Did you miss me?
  7. I won't be long
  8. Be back soon
  9. What are you eating?
  10. Ahh don't you look cute sleeping

Check your score below πŸ˜πŸΆπŸ‘‡


What Did You Score?

0-3 You have the occasional chat with your dog. But you probably need to take time to have more meaningful conversations with them. You aren't really showing them how much you REALLY love them.

4-7 You enjoy chatting with your dog and want them to know you care a lot about them. Some of these you might say more than once! and you definitely care about your dog and their feelings.

8+ You're the best dog owner and put your dogs needs and happiness first all the time. In fact you would rather check your dog is ok than anyone else in your family. Secretly you love them more than anyone else (well ok it's not that secret!)