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Are You The Best Dog Owner? You Are If You Say These Things To Your Dog [Take Our Test]

  Are you the best dog owner ever? Does your dog love you more than any other dog loves their owner? A dog owner that talks to their dog is surely the best dog owner ever! They are really letting their dog know they love them more than anything. Take our test and see how you score when it comes to talking to your dog. How Many Of These Things Do You Say To Your Dog? (Count how many of these you say to your dog and we will tell you what your score means at the end) I love you You're the best What's wrong/You OK? Come and give mom/dad a cuddle Ahh you're so cute Did you miss...

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10 Reasons Why Your Pets Are More Fun To Hang Out With Than Humans

Have you ever been invited to an event and dreaded the thought of attending? You don't want to make small talk with people and have to spend the evening smiling and laughing at people's jokes. These kind of thoughts probably mean you are a pet lover! You are one of us!! Someone who loves hanging out with pets more than humans. But why are pets sometimes more fun than humans? 10 Reasons Why Your Pets Are More Fun To Hang Out With Than Humans 1. They don't talk! Sometimes I wish my pets could talk to me - but generally I enjoy the silence of not being asked a million questions while hanging out with them.  2. They let you choose...

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10 Things All Dog Owners Agree On - Do you?

Being a dog owner is like being part of a special community. We just get each other...we know what it's like to love a dog unconditionally and we love to share funny stories about what they get up to. We are all fiercely proud of our dogs and obviously we all think our own dogs are the best dogs in the world. But there are things we can all agree on about our dogs. Things that if you are part of the special dog community you just know are true. 10 Things All Dog Owners Can Agree On 1. Our own dog is the best dog in the world - FACT 2. We are never going to have a perfect home...

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5 Signs Your Dog Loves You More Than Anyone Else In Your Family

We all know that dogs are capable of unconditional love. Those eyes, the tail wag, the way they follow you around - it all adds to their cuteness. But when you get a dog as a couple, or a family, how do you know who your dog loves the most? Because we all want our dogs to love us just that little bit more than anyone else ...right? 5 Signs Your Dog Loves You More Than Anyone Else In Your Family FACT: If you can answer yes to most of these then it's likely your dog loves you more than anyone. 1. You and your dog have regular conversations. They look at you with great interest in what you have...

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These 7 Things Could Mean You Are A Crazy Cat Lady

You hear the term Crazy Cat Lady all the time - we even have clothing you can buy with the phrase on it. BUT...are you really a crazy cat lady or do you just love cats a lot! If you answer yes to most of these it's likely that you can call yourself a Crazy Cat Lady with pride. These 7 Things Could Mean You Are A Crazy Cat Lady 1. Your house is full of things with cats on. Mugs, pictures, towels, badges, bags, pj's, ornaments - you name it there is a cat on it. And don't forget the phone full of cat pictures you have. 2. Your cats have beds in every room of the house -...

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